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Important lessons of Mahabharata.

What are the important lessons of Mahabharata ? We try to find out what Indians across the internet has to say. Try to be the best in your job Yudhisthira learned different aspects of...


Dating Mahabharata. Was it all true ?

Is Mahabharata real or is it just a story ? This is a question a lot of people have asked and we have explored this question deeply on this site before. But we need...

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Gyanganj : A real place or myth ?

Gyanganj or Siddhashrama is considered as a mystical hermitage, which according to a tradition, is located in a secret land deep in the Himalayas, where great yogis, sadhus, and sages who are siddhas live. This place is also revered as...

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यक्ष और उनकी साधना – कामेश्वरी यक्ष साधना Kameshvari Yaksha Sadhana

कामेश्वरी यक्ष साधना काफी लोकप्रिय साधना है । ऐसे मन जात है कि यक्ष कि साधना से यक्ष और यक्षिणींइया प्रसन्न होकर अद्धभुत सिद्धिंया देती है । यः किताब पढाकार आप भी यक्ष सिद्धी...