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Hindu mantras to attract money during difficult economic situation

A large scale economic downturn hurts everyone. Unlike other misfortunes, a recession isn't your fault or your karma it is general economic downturn. In...


Unemployed ? This powerful mantra can help you get a job.

Unemployed? Such situations can arise for number of reasons. Other that working hard, upgrading your skills and being honest you can also try spiritual...

Mantras during Solar Eclipse ग्रहण मंत्र

People are often scared of eclipses. Throughout history humans have had an unnatural fear of this cosmic event. As per Hindu spirituality, solar eclipse is...

Mantras for weight loss



ज्ञानव्यापी – Comprehensive information about Gyanvapi temple in Marathi

या जागेवर मूळतः काशी विश्वेश्वर मंदिर होते, ज्याची स्थापना राजा टोडर मल यांनी सोळाव्या शतकाच्या उत्तरार्धात केव्हातरी बनारसच्या सर्वात प्रसिद्ध ब्राह्मण कुटुंबाचे प्रमुख नारायण...

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Aarti and Bhajans

चित्रगुप्त चालीसा Chitragupt Chalisa. Mantra for clearing past sins.

This is a powerful mantra to make sure you do not suffer in this life because of mistakes in past. चित्रगुप्त चालीसा का जो भी...

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Mantras to get money | Get instantly rich

Everyone desires wealth but very few get it. Here are some powerful mantras to instantly attract wealth. But remember there are strict rules for...

Gyanganj or Siddhashrama: The mystery explained

For centuries there have been rumors that there is a secret location in Himalayas called Gyanganj. A location where Yogis of very high caliber...

Shivleelamrut 11 Adhyay

All shiva bhakts know the importance of Shivleelamrut. The book narrates the greatness of Lord Shiva and how his worshippers can attain moksha. It...

Mahabharat- Story or Truth

We all have heard the story of Mahabharat. But like Ramayana many people raise doubts on the authenticity of the same. They feel the...

Hindu Gods on Foreign Currency and stamps

Often we think that Hindu gods and Goddesses are found in different forms in India only. This is primarily because India is a Hindu...


एका खेड्यात एक शेतकरी रोज शेतातल्या विहिरीतून पाणी भरून घेऊन घरी यायचा. यासाठी तो दोन बादल्या काठीला बांधून नेत असे. विहिरीवर दोन्ही बादल्या भरून...





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