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Gyanganj or Siddhashrama: The mystery explained


For centuries there have been rumors that there is a secret location in Himalayas called Gyanganj. A location where Yogis of very high caliber live along with Apsaras and Devas. Siddhashrama is another name for Gyanganj.

ज्ञानगंज एक गुप्त जगह है। कलियुग के शुरुवाती दिनों में देवाताओं ने तथा सिध्द पुरुषों ने इस गुप्त जगह का निर्माण हिमालय में किया। इसे कोई देख नहीं सकता नहीं यहाँ अंदर जा सकते है। सिर्फ सच्चे सिद्ध पुरुष इस जगह को देख सकते है तथा अंदर भी जा सकते है। कभी कभी रास्ता भटके पर्यटकों को, भारतीय तथा चीनी जवानों को यहाँ के सिद्ध पुरुषों ने तथा विदुषियों ने बचाया है। ऐसा कहा जाता है की यति भी इसी गुप्त जगह में रहते है तथा इस स्थान के रक्षा की जिम्मेदारी उनपे है।

Thousands of people have roamed in the Himalayan and Tibetan range to find the place. Chinese government and CIA conducted several areal satellite scans of the area to find this legendary place with the hope to uncover the fantastic technologies that the Yogis might have built.

American President Franklin Roosevelt was determined to find the place which Americans called Sangri-La (Shambhala) and named US Navy Aircraft Carrier “Shangri La”. He also named President’s secret vacation home as Shangri La.

Shri Gopinath Kaviraj was the first person in modern times to actually find the place. He was a great Sanskrit and Tantra scholar and wrote a complete book making the place popular in modern culture. Siddhabhoomi Gyanganj  was published in Bengali and later translated in many languages.

Kaviraj’s original books supposedly created a new interest among the seekers of this place and increased the number of people who wandered into Tibet and several universities across the world sponsored scholars to research more about the place. Victoria Dmitrieva researched extensively about it and her research became popular in west.

जिन लोगों ने यहाँ प्रवेश किया उनमसे सिर्फ कुछ लोगों ने इस बारेमे बात करना पसंद किया है। कुछ सिद्धोने यह बताया है की यहाँ विशालकाय भवन है, अत्यंत सौंदर्यशाली स्त्री तथा पुरुष यहाँ है और सभी व्यक्ति उच्चकोटि के शारीरिक तथा मानसिक संतुलन में रहते है। महर्षि व्यास भी यहाँ है और परशुराम भी। यहाँ बहोत सारे अद्भुत जिव जंतु भी है। यहाँ की गाय और बैल विशालकाय तथा लगभग हाती जितने बड़े है।

यहाँ का पानी मीठा है तथा बहोत बड़े गरम पानी के झरने भी है जिसे पिने से सारी थकावट दूर हो जाती है। संतपुरुष जांबवंत बाबा अपने गुरु के शोध में हिमालय में भटक गए थे। उन्हें गुरु नहीं मिले लेकिन वे खुद रास्ता भटक गए। उनपे एक जंगली जानवर ने हमला किया और उनकी एक टांग पूरी तरह से नाश हो गयी.

जब उन्हें होश आया तो एक लामा सदृश्य व्यक्ति उन्हें कंधे पे डालके भाग रहा था. वो लामा प्रचंड गति से भाग रहा था और एक महाप्रचंड झरने के पानीमें कूद गया. पानी के उस तरफक सुरंग थी जो एक विस्तीर्ण मैदान में खुल गयी। अनेक लोगों ने जांबवंत बाबा की शुश्रुषा की और उनकी तंग फिरसे ठीक हो गयी. बहोत सारे मुनि तथा दिव्य पुरुष और स्त्री उनसे मिलने के लिए ए और उन्हें दिव्य लेप भी लगाए। जामबंत बाबा को उन्होंने बाकि जगह में घूमने की अनुमति नहीं दी.

The exact location

Of course no one ever found the exact co-ordinates of the place but it is known that the place is close to Tibet and somewhere in the Himalayas. 4 places are considered entrances to the Siddhashram. The valley of moon, Mount Kailash, Shwetalok Lake and another mountain which is not named but accessible from the Gangotri.

Hitler and Gyanganj

It is believed that Hitler in his struggle to world supremacy came across people from Shambhala and sent out explorers to get th ancient technologies. When his men returned one of the way to achieve path to Siddhashram was through complex tantric vidyas and dark arts. It is believed that Hitler pursued the Dark arts and decided to sacrifice thousands of humans to get those secret powers.

Entering Gyanganj

One can not enter the place by merely walking. One has to first walk the path of spirituality and attain very high level. At such high level of spirituality one’s desire to find Siddhashram goes down and the place eventually finds you.

The valley of Gyanganj is always shrouded in a white color which is independent of Sun or Moon. Siddhas who wish to enter there first travel to Mount Kailash and perform sadhana for 21 days. On 22nd day sages appear in the valley and request the Siddha to walk with them. They then walk to a cave which has goats or similar animals. The siddha then drink the milk and comes out of the cave only to find himself in the Siddhashram.

Where as a lot of adventurers do not believe that Gyanganj is non-physical place. One of them named Gopinath Shahastrbuddhe was a mountaineer who got lost in Himalayas. To satisfy his hunger he consumed poisoned mushrooms which disoriented him completely. He came across a mountain which had a weird gulch which seems to have covered by fog. Without realizing it’s depth he tried to enter it and fell inside. He found various people dressed i na very different clothes and beautiful women and bald men. His wounds were tended to and he was escorted out of the town when he was healed.

Gyanganj description

Gyanganj has one center and 16 areas each meant for 16 vidyas (sciences). The most popular science being the Sun Science. The center has a large market that buys and sells items needed for the further education. Contrary to what people might think he Yogis in Siddhashram have devoted their life for learning and they constantly keep unlocking new dimensions of the knowledge.

While Yogis (both male and female) study sciences Apsaras have devoted themselves to aesthetics, music and technology.

Why we can not find Gyanganj on Google Maps. 

Siddhashram exists at a different dimension that our physical dimension. It exists in a isolated time bubble which means when you actually enter it you are time travelling into a period when earth was not inhabited in Himalayas.



One of the government official who accidently encountered this place has written about his experiences here. Please leave a comment if you want us to cover this in more detail.



रहस्यमयी इंद्रजाल विद्याके बारेमें जानिए !

13 thoughts on “Gyanganj or Siddhashrama: The mystery explained

  1. I would like to get some teachings from the Masters there, that is appropriate for me. How do I go about doing that. I have little time left on this planet, and time is of the utmost essence. I wish I could get help from someone there. Thanks.

      1. Dont know about sidhhashram but our life is meant to get spiritual enlightment, not to enjoy meterialistic things. We get ourselves traped in these meterialistic things to only be born again and again to carry this bag called body. We are wasting time by spending our time achiving meterialistic desires. We shoud do job and ear sufficient to live but our main goal is to attin spiritual enlightenment. Not earning only money.

        1. Before enlightenment carry water chop wood, after enlightenment carry water chop wood. – Zen proverb.

          A lot of people who have less money preach others that “running after money” is a bad thing and then link it with materialism and all that. This is completely bogus. One can run after money or even focus on wealth. Most often, people focus on ambition and achievement rather than just the monetary reward. Some people are good at it some people suck at it.

          > We are wasting time by spending our time achieving materialistic desires.

          No. That is incorrect. Different people have different dharma, for some it is about achieving materialistic objectives. The magnificent temples, large armies to defend from Islamic barbarians, beautiful sculptures etc. are not achievements of some ascetic in the woods but highly ambitious people. These people protected dharma and ensured its progress. Some people can focus on the bland enlightenment with devoid of fun nd wealth but that need not be for everyone.

          1. You are correct Sadhaka. Every one tries to follow their Dharma coming from their lineage. One percent of the people can only visit such mystic lands, when filled with most luck.

  2. I am first timer to read about Gyan gunje and simply spellbound, i cann’t believe it actually exist on this planet and that also in our Himalayas! I took time to absorb this sense in me. Now I am at wits end whether to believe its existence or not.It appears the whole concept is beyond my comprehension.

    1. We hope to write more about the place and its mysteries. Please add your email address to our subscribe list and you will receive updates.

  3. Proverbial jackal jumps and can not grab the grape,then out of frustration it says grapes are bad having sour taste.This is our position.When we can not elevate ourselves to be a deserving candidate for Gyangunj we handle the excuse by using different philosophies.It is an advanced sphere(realm),really existing.Very advanced(most purified) persons can go there with the physical bodies if they intend to do so, by the grace of the inhabitants/gurus of Gyangunj or some supernatural powers of Siva-Sivaa. One should understand that the Chancellor of Gyangunj Ashram(Mega-University) is Srila (maha bhagavata) Brahmarshi Mahatapaa Prabhu who is one of the most powerful Krishna devotee but prefers to stay away from Gyangunj(why?? just think).You can find the swayambhu Sri-Vigraha(Four handed naked standing bala-Krishna/Vishnu) in a cave near Uttar-Kaashi. We should try to be blessed by all divine prabhus and matajiis of Gyangunj by just thinking of Gyangunj. Similar to Gyangunj we have Vrindavana,Kaashi etc.they are all interconnected in a strange way unknown to us but the param yogis and Vaishnavas like Srila prabhupada,Vamshidas Babai Maharaj,Vijaya-Krishna Goswami know them all. Hare Krishna

  4. I am rather intrigued by the occult science and surely about Gyanganj. I have a deep desire to learn meditation and higher spiritual realms. Would like someone to guide me on this path.

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