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Who is Thenmozhi Soundarrajan aka DalitDiva !

This is a must read article about Thenmozhi Soundarrajan.

The Dalit Diva: A Success Story of US’ Soft Power

Few relevant points worth to note about this Hinduphobic activist.

  1. Thenmozhi is Christian and not Hindu.
  2. Thenmozhi is born in USA, hence a US citizen and not Indian.
  3. Both her parents are doctors. Far from being oppressed dalits of India.
  4. The divorce of her parents might have caused her trauma.

The equality labs is a suspicious organization.

When one delves into the nature and funding behind Equality Labs, a familiar pattern is found. A pattern that we saw in our series on foreign-funded NGOs – that the usual suspects are also funding Equality Labs specifically and quite heavily.

Let’s take a look.

Equality Labs does not seem to be a registered entity. Equality Labs’ ‘Donate’ button, when clicked, takes us to the Fractured Atlas page. “Equality Labs is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) charity. Contributions made payable to Fractured Atlas for the purposes of Equality Labs are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law,” states the page.

Since 2018-19, Equality Labs has been funded by Fractured Atlas which appears to work as a kind of a passthrough to fund charities.

S.No. Non-Profit Year Amount (In USD)
1. Ford Foundation 2020 $125,000
2. Ford Foundation 2019 $39,500
3. General Service Foundation 2019 $110,000
4. Hidden Leaf Foundation 2019 $5000
5. Nathan Cummings Foundation 2019 $50,000
6. NoVo Foundation 2019 $175,000
7. New York Women’s Foundation 2018 $20,000
8. San Francisco Foundation 2018 $125,000
9. Weissberg Foundation 2018 $16,000
10. Tides Foundation 2017 $60,000

All this are radical left organizations. Ford foundation is often viewed as extended arm of CIA.

But what is curious here is that how come Thenmozhi manage to raise this much money ? Who exactly put on a good word for her to do this ?


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