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Mantras for getting married quickly

This is a powerful sadhana for getting married quickly. Grihastha ashram is a very important milestone that everyone should achieve if they desire it. If a person does not marry despite trying hard, it accumulates bad karma, it also ends your line (kulaa). It prevents you from having a good afterlife as no one will perform you Shradhha and might prevent you from having moksha.

Problem getting married can happen for multiple reasons. One of the reason is because of your past life. Where you might have harassed your spouse who cursed you. Second reason is your ancestors are not happy with you. Third reasons could be black magic performed by someone else or the vastu dosha of where you live. Fourth reason could be just you or lack of a personality or you being just a loser.

Overcoming these problems require different types of Sadhanas. We have provided following Sadhanas which will bring you success in your search for a partner. This sadhana is same for both men and women.

Hanuman Bhakti

Visit Hanuman temple every Saturday and offer oil and sindhur. Touch Hanuman’s feet and apply the oil on his feet to your forehead. Do not eat non veg on Saturdays. Walk 1000 steps after Hanuman Darshana.

Chant the mantra 108 times.

मनोजवम् मारुततुल्यवेगम् जितेन्द्रियम् बुद्धिमताम् वरिष्ठम्।
वातात्मजम् वानरयूथमुख्यम् श्रीरामदूतम् शरणम् प्रपद्ये॥

If you cant read this or it is too hard for you, you can also chant the simpler mantra but as many times as you can.

ॐ श्री हनुमते नमः॥

Om Shri Hanumate Namah॥

Hanuman is the god of Kaliyuga and can offer you protection from planets, black magic and vastu doshas.

Dattatreya Bhakti

Lord Dattatreya is another very powerful god in Kaliyuga. He can negate all the ill effects cause by your dead ancestors and give them shanti.

The mantra you should chant around 10 mala, that is 1080 times every day. While this sounds a lot remember that you might have many ancestors who are angry on you. Also, the benefits of this mantra are not limited to marriage but in every walk of life.

Shri Gurudev Datt

श्री गुरुदेव दत्त

Kamadev Sadhana (only for men)

Kamdev is a god of love. He will help you develop a good personality, appear young and be attractive. Wear white underwear as much as possible and chant this mantra 21 mala (that is 21*108 times). Apply chandana tika on your forehead when chanting the mantra.

क्लीं कामदेवाय नमः


Rati Sadhana (only for women)

Women should worship the Kamdev’s wife, Rati. She is the godess of feminine beauty.

नित्य युवान् सम्पन्नाः रति काम प्रयोगाः


Mantra requests eternal youth and attraction. Women may chant this mantra while being alone in a room, after bath, wearing white inner clothes. Chanting this 108 times is enough for women. Hold any object while chanting such as a ring, necklace and such and then wear it everyday. Do not do anything evil (such as consuming alcohol, fraud, eating meat, abusive language) while wearing this object but it is okay to engage in sexual acts while wearing it.

Tantrik Kriya

There is a simple and safe tantrik kriya as well for getting married soon. But remember as these kriyas are very potent, they should be performed by only those who have a spiritual bend of mind and not to be performed mindlessly.

Every Amavasya, sit in a room alone on the floor. 

First chant Om Namah Shivay 108 times. Close your eyes and think of Lord Shiva and his blessings and protections on you.

Have two copper utensils in front of you. One of them should be empty and another one should have clean drinkable water.

Chant the following mantra 11 times. Each time take some water on your middle finger and apply it on your forehead.

ॐ शं शंकराय सकल जन्मार्जित पाप विध्वंस नाय पुरुषार्थ चतुस्टय लाभाय च पतिं मे देहि कुरु-कुरु स्वाहा ।।

Om Shang Shankaray Sakal Janmarjit paap Vidhvans Naay Purusharth Chatustay Labhay ch Patim me Dehi Kuru-Kuru Swaha ||

Once this is done, take the water filled container in your left hand, and pour it in the empty container in one single stream and keep your right hand under the stream. Which means water should touch your right hand while it falls into the container.

Now chant the above mantra another 11 times and repeat the pouring of water.

Do the same step again. That is total 3 times.

Fold your hands, close your eyes, imagine Lord Shiva and thank the God for his blessings. Ask forgiveness of you have done anything wrong in this life or before.

Later pour this water on your doorstep.

As usual do not do following things on Amavasya when you perform this sadhana.

  • Eating non veg or consuming alcohol
  • Cheating someone for money
  • Throwing garbage in public places, roads etc. (It is okay to throw garbage in garbage bins)
  • Physically abusing someone or verbally abusing someone.
  • Letting a guest go without offering food.
  • Refusing to pay money owed to someone when you can afford to pay it.


Living a good life where you treat everyone well, worship god and perform sadhana leads to a good life. There is no need to perform something unusual or going to tantriks who might offer more complicated solutions for your problem in return of money. Always listen to your “viveka buddhi” when you do a spiritual step. If your viveka tells you it is wrong, it is probably because your past life wisdom and your loving ancestors telling you to stay on path of Dharma and not walk the path of darkness.

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