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Hindus should be vary of caste warriors funded by communists and islamic equality labs

The far left communists in Seattle held up “Fight Capitalism” outside the council when they passed some resolution against a fictional concept “caste discrimination”. It was hailed as major victory by various communists, Khalistanis, Islamist and caste based hate groups in India and USA.

Hindus in USA need to be worried about this small but significant move as it will be a playbook that will replicated wherever there is far left or Islamic influence.

A lot of research in USA has showed that the claims of caste discrimination in USA are false. In fact the capitalist society blurs all such divisions and builds a society where people co-operate to profit.

Though caste discrimination has been presented by Councilmember Sawant and her supporters as being rampant in the US, the only authoritative survey on discrimination against the Indian and South Asian community here, done by the Carnegie Endowment, has found that incidents of caste discrimination are rare.  [Source]

Hindus in India are being persecuted by Indian state in the name of religion and caste. Reservation policy is forcing the brightest minds in India to move abroad. The government has passed laws like SC/ST Atrocity act which criminalizes a so called upper caste person. If a person belonging to politically influential groups dies, the caste hate groups make it about caste and use that death to harass people of castes they don’t like.

Hindus of all castes hence have found developed societies to be far better with their equality before law. Hindus in west have done much better too irrespective of caste. The increasing Hindu solidarity in countries like USA has deeply hurt anti-Hindu forces.

We have seen that anti-Hindu forces have setup groups like Equality Labs, UsTechWorkers and many others to single out Hindus all around the world and harass them. A Pakistani Citizen who goes by the name of Roger Ross has setup an org in USA pretending to be a white person trying to bring harm to Indian immigrants in USA. Khalistani groups have destroyed Gandhi statues and defaced temples in Canada. Islamic groups have rioted in England against Hindus.

But they have realized that unless they use the power of law, harming Hindus is hard. Hence they pass so called “caste discrimination” laws which declare Hindus to be a suspect group. YOu have to find one sour individual who can then use the law to harass other Hindus at workplace and target them.

An equivalent law for muslims could be “prevention of terrorism” law where you think every Muslim is a suspected terrorist and hence be scrutinized every-time someone makes an allegation.


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