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Mantras for weight loss

Worried about increasing weight ? The best solution is good healthy diet and exercise but spiritual practice helps too.

Focus on Lord Hanuman and chant the following mantra 108 times.

भीमरूपी महारुद्रा, वज्रहनुमान मारुती | वनारी अंजनीसूता रामदूता प्रभंजना ||१||

महाबळी प्राणदाता, सकळां उठवी बळें | सौख्यकारी दुःखहारी, दुत वैष्णव गायका ||२||

Bhimrupi maharudra vajrahanuman maruti, vanari anjanisuta ramduta prabhanjana

Mahabali prandata sakala uthavi bale, saukhykar dukha hari dut vaishnav gayaka |

This is a marathi mantra written by Samarth Ramdas, one of the most powerful Yogis.

This stotram is very long but the first two lines are enough to attract positive energy of lord hanuman and attract good health and faster metabilism.


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