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Islamic world tries to enforce their blasphemy laws in India but ends up opening even more criticism of Islam

At the eye of the storm this week was BJP’s spokesperson Nupur Sharma. In a tv debate she pointed out some obvious and well known facts about Islam’s self proclaimed prophet. All she said was that the Islam’s prophet married a 6 year old and had sex with her when she was 9 years old.

This is a plain fact not disputed by anyone and pretty much part of Islamic literature. Even the left leaning wikipedia mentions this :

From the 20th century onwards, a common point of contention has been Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha, who was said in traditional Islamic sources[106] to have been six when betrothed to Muhammad,[22][23][24] and nine when she went to live with Muhammad[22][23][24] and the marriage was consummated,[22][24] although according to some scholars it is assumed that the marriage was consummated upon her reaching puberty.[24][107][108][109][110][111]

Critics such as Baptist pastor Jerry Vines and the Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders have cited the age of Aisha to denounce Muhammad for having had sex with a nine-year-old, referring to Muhammad as a pedophile.[50][112][113] An early 20th-century adherent of the Arya Samaj Hindu reform movement noted in Rangila Rasul that Aisha was young enough to be Muhammad’s granddaughter.[114]

Nupur Sharma mentioned this in a TV debate pretty loudly and clearly. She wasn’t making things up. Her aggression probably must have scared the very people who want to hide such facts from public scrutiny.


Very soon Qatar which funds Al Jazeera issued a statement and summoned Indian envoy to demand explanations. A tiny country like Qatar was clearly out of line here as this was purely an internal matter of India and being a democratic and free society, criticism of all religions including self styled prophets and godman is perfectly normal and even encouraged in India.

What truly stirred the hornets nest however is not Qatar’s summons but the sheer cowardice of Indian Foreign Services which called Nupur Sharma a fringe, assured Qatar that India respects all religions and relevant authorities will take action against Nupur. Very soon BJP suspected Nupur not just from her post as Spokesperson but also from the primary membership of the party.

Note that the countries like Qatar are devoid of any modern liberal values. They have failed to develop any human capital and solely relies on exploitation of natural resources that too done with American help. Here is the relevant Qatari law regarding marriage of Muslims and non-Muslims.

Hindu society rises up in anger.

The idea that Arab countries which are known in world for some of the most repressive religious regimes would decide what we can debate or not debate in India deeply disturbed Hindus. This resulted into people actually asking what did Nupur actually said. Turned out whatever she said was truth.

More importantly, the anger was directed at PM Modi and EAM Jaishankar who until few days ago were sermonizing Europe.

This is going to be a very critical moment for Islamic world as they picked on Hindus. Their letters or the IFS apology will not shield Islam from criticism but will only make it even bigger target of criticism. As more and more people tweet Nupur’s video even the rest of the world will wise up to core teaching of Islam.





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