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We support new farm laws and condemn the middleman violence in Delhi

Sadhana has never taken a stand on political issues that did not concern Hinduism. However in this case we are making an exception. Part of the reason is that we have seen that enemies of Hinduism around the world such as left eco system that exploits mentally challenged children such as Greta for their own purposes. They have also painted this as a Hindu vs Sikh issue (which it is not.)

Why we support new laws

APMC law in India is cruel, braindead and aimed at destroying lives of farmers. Any person with 1/4th the brain could have guessed the damage APMC has done to India’s agricultural sector. Under this law government has made it illegal to buy and sell agricultural produce from farmers. Farmers are legally required to sell their produce only to government licensed middleman in their immediate geography. This destroys competition and creates a middleman culture which is not rampant in states like Punjab and Haryana.

Indian government’s move to disband APMC is not just brilliant but comes far too late. It is something they should have done in 1990s. But as they say, der aye durust aye (better late than never).

Why we condemn the violence by middleman

The rich people protesting on the streets of Delhi are not farmers but the middleman and the rest of the corrupt ecosystem that has sucked the blood out of India’s agriculture sector. This is a cancer that has grown out of hand and not needs to be trimmed. These people have been massively misusing the generous schemes like MSP to make insane profit while growing lowest of low quality rice that no one eats using methods that are polluting and destroying India’s resources such as water.

The government has shown good restraint in dealing with this thugs and is worthy of praise.


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