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The left and urduwood is appropriating Hindu terminology in negative context

Sadhana108 strongly supports unfettered free speech. We believe that Satya can be upset but never defeated and good ideas always win eventually. Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti is not more about wise men saying the same thing, but those who are wise eventually figure out the truth.

There is a new Amazon Prime series called Tandava. Tandava is Shiva’s cosmic dace of destruction. It has a symbolic and spiritual meaning. A muslim producer has created a TV series with usual masala to give a strong negative connotation to the word. Should a produce be free to do so ? I think yes. Producer should have that freedom.

Rooted Hindus though must point out that the series is not being done in good faith and perhaps intends malice towards Hindus. Once Amazon executives figure out that it is not profitable to run such shows, they will have no option but to shut such people down. Money speaks universal language.


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