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How Francis Xavier tortured Hindus and ripped breasts off Hindu women

Francis Xavier was a pirate in priests clothing. Or may be Christian priests are supposed to be like pirates. Francis Xavier’s hatred for Hindu Pagans had no limits. The inquisition that he brought upon Goa let to mass murders and tortured of Hindu man, women and children. He was an inspiration to all those Christian zealots who cut off hands and heads of Hindus who refused to convert and ripped off breasts from women who refused to sway from the path of Dharma. Such is the history of catholic church mafia and Christianity.

breast ripper xavier



The Palace of the Inquisition was pointed out in awe by Goans, who called it Orlem Goro. or Big House, with two hundred cells. The Inquisition in Goa, on account of its rigors, was reputed to be the worst of the existing inquisitions in the  catholic orb of the five parts of the world, as felt unanimously by national and foreign writers.

‘……The inquisition, this tribunal of fire, thrown on the surface of the globe for the scourge of humanity, this horrible institution, which will eternally cover with shame its authors, fixed its brutal domicile in the fertile plains of the Hindustan. On seeing the monster everyone fled and disappeared, Moguls, Arabs, Persians, Armenians, and Jews. The Indians even, more tolerant and pacific, were astounded to see the God of Christianism more cruel than that of Mohammed, deserted the territory of the Portuguese  and went to the lands of the Muslims, with whom time had made peaceful living possible, in spite of the fact that they (Indians) had received from them enormous and incalculable evils. In this fashion the fields and cities became deserted as are today Diu and Goa.. ‘    (2)

Alexandre Herculano, a famous writer of the 19th century, mentioned in his ‘Fragment about the Inquisition’:   ‘…The terrors inflicted on pregnant women made them abort….Neither the beauty or decorousness of the flower of youth, nor the old age, so worthy of compassion in a woman, exempted the weaker sex from the brutal ferocity of the supposed defenders of the religion….’

‘…There were days when seven or eight were submitted to torture. These scenes were reserved for the inquisitors after dinner. It was  a post-prandial entertainment. Many a time during those acts, the inquisitors compared notes in the appreciation of the beauty of the human form. While the unlucky damsel twisted in the intolerable pains of torture, or fainted in the intensity of the agony, one inquisitor applauded the angelic touches of her face, another the brightness of her eyes, another, the volluptuous contours of her breast, another the shape of her hands. In this conjuncture, men of blood transformed themselves into real artists !!’

Unfortunately Christians in Goa still remain ignorant of this and honor this pirate as “Lord of Goa”. Fortunately people including Sadhaka has been busy increasing awareness on the topic.

6 thoughts on “How Francis Xavier tortured Hindus and ripped breasts off Hindu women

  1. Completely baseless statements made, this shows his highly insecure feeling of his Religion and too much Hatred towards Christianity. The pictures are from Practices of driving out Exorcism and Witchcraft happened in Europe a few Centuries ago. These were never happened in India or any other Afro Nations.

  2. @Ramesh

    Thank you for your comment. I do not see how this article can be seen as “hatred towards christianity”. This article specifically deals with pirate in priests clothing Xavier. The picture obviously is not from Xavier’s tortures and is for representative purposes only.

    > The pictures are from Practices of driving out Exorcism and Witchcraft happened in Europe a few Centuries ago.

    This only proves that people like Xavier did use such horrible torture tools to further their religion dogma.

  3. This monster called Francis Xavier is still being idolized by convert christians in different parts of Bharat. His torn finger, the hand that ordered the heinous and most abominable tortures of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and even Muslims is worshipped by many converted idiots(who are all descendants of tortured victims of Francis Xavier).

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