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Hinduphobia of USA media and journalists

WSJ’s fart left and Islamist journalist has used the platform to abuse Hindus and Brahmins specifically while commenting on US politics.

There is a general tendancy in USA to abuse white people and especially white men for no good reason but their success. While the left tells you that you are not supposed to generalize from individual examples for example even if near 100% of the terrorist attacks are by Muslims you are supposed to not find any relationship between the individual and group. However it is perfectly kosher in the land of leftist Islamism to find faults with other groups.

As Indian-American prosper this has left the Islam+communists what americans call “butthurt”.

While Zaid Jilani might be Hinduphobic bigot, this is in some sense more of a alarm bell ringing by the left to signal the success of Indian-Americans in USA.


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