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Powerful Mantras to get rich fast

If we could get rich by reading mantras everyone would be very rich. Getting rich is always harder and hence spiritual methods to attract wealth would be hard too.

It is said that Laxmi goes after people who do not want her and runs away from those who desire her. It is almost like a curse.

The key to wealth is that you must give away wealth first and learn to run away from laxmi herself.


ॐ श्रीं श्रीये नम: (Om Shrim, Shriye Namah)

You need to do the following for 11 days.

Wake up before sunrise, bathe and take a metal coin of good value. Then place the coin before you sit down and chant the above mantra for 108 times. Pray in your heart that people around you be happy and prosperous.

Then after sunrise donate this coin to anyone. Donate it in a temple, to a poor person or give it to nay brahmin. Do not take any favors in return nor engage in conversations.

For the 11 days feel free to donate more money to charitable but just causes. Donate especially to women, children and old people in need. Donate things rather than money. Do not except anything in return otherwise it is not a donation.

On the 12th day, feed a young girl. Give good amount of Dakshina before she leave.

DO NOT REPEAT THE RITUAL AGAIN. This is once in a lifetime ritual. You can not repeat it for subsequent gains. Do this once and you will see that you will attract wealth throughout your life.

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