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United Nations forgets that Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains are religions too

Giant centralized bureaucracies like United Nations are themselves inspired from Christianity. It is a church model of centralized planning and control. It is not a surprise that UN has consistently failed to acknowledge even existence of Hindus leave alone ensuring their rights are projected in failed Abrahamic countries like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

India has called out UN Selectivity on missing out on Indic religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism when resolutions are passed. So far various UN resolutions have focused only on Abrahamic religions such as–Christianity, Islam or Judaism with a focus on anti-Semitism, Islamaphobia and anti-Christian acts but no mention of the persecution of followers of Indic religions. India’s First Secretary to UN, Ashish Sharma said, “We fully agree that anti-Semitism, Islamaphobia and anti-Christian acts need to be condemned and India firmly condemns such acts. However, UN resolutions on such important issues speak only of these three Abrahamic religions together.”


This is not a surprise as most of the developed nations as well as united nations have always harbored skepticism and hared for pagan religions.

We are living in a world where native African religious practices such as voodoo are equated with black magic and shown in negative light. Paganism, Shamanism and demigods are made to look like satan worshippers.

This is a deep rooted unconscious bias that white world has developed while forgetting their own pagan roots.

I will not give much credit to Indian officials either.

In fact, India also brought to notice, how Pakistan recently “arbitrarily transferred” the management of Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara from a Sikh Community body to a totally non-Sikh body.

Indian official had some balls to point this out. Someone should tell him Indian government does the exact same thing to Hindu temples in India by forcibly and arbitrarily taking their management and wealth over and appointing non-Hindu administrators.

United Nation’s collapse would be good for the world. But then Indian government is a colonial institution as well and needs similar reforms as well.

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