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Book Review : Preparing for Death by Dr. Arun Shourie

Arun Shourie is a polymath and a stalwart. He has written over 27 major books spanning from topics related to national secueity, religion, hinduism, history, neuroscience and now “death”.

This book is inspired from his recent accident where he ended up in hospital after a fall from stairs.

The book looks at death in various aspects. What does preparing for death means, how to pass away peacefully and how get into the state of mind where you are ready. Dr. Shourie also briefly talks about his father who was a big activist demanding euthanasia to be made a basic right.

Shourie who has written extensively about Raman Maharshi and Ramakrishna in past looks at their own end and tries to make sense of the final truth for us ordinary folks.

The book also touches upon more practical aspects such as worrying about those who we live behind and their welfare.

It is a fat 500 page book with lot of prose. That is sort of hallmark of Shourie’s all books.

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