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Hindus are children of lesser god in their own country

Media and government together ganged up against every Hindu guru. Police shot 17 people dead when Dera Saccha Sauda Guru Ram Rahim was arrested. Asaram bapu was jailed for 5 years without trial. Maneka Gandhi, Modi’s chosen minister for Women welfare ministry left no stone unturned to blame Hindus and Hindu festivals.

However, now that various christian priests have got caught into child sexual abuse, the crime of most heinous nature Indian government and media are busy painting this as an internal matter of the Church where as Church will do their own investigation.

Indian media has run headlines like “Should religious institutions be considered above law?”

One wonders why Indian government and media is running with such double standards when it comes to Christian abuses long after the colonial brits have left the country.

Savio writes in OpIndia

I am shocked and absolutely disgusted to read media report about the horrible plight of a married woman in Kerala sexually abused by five priests of Malankara Orthodox Church. The priests used details of a confession (a religious sacrament of the Church which is highly confidential) to blackmail the woman to succumb to the sexual abuse.

These priests in the eyes of the people that follow the tenets of the Christian religion are ordained ministers who are to be channels of communications and graces of God. Yet in light of this heinous crime and the shadows of the numerous cases of child sexual abuses by priests globally one is left wondering about the responsibilities of the Church to its followers.

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