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Modi government sucks up to Bishops gets insulted in return

The current Modi government had launched a barrage of sectarian schemes and unprecedented expenditure on minority-only schemes. Modi government not only used RTE to kill Hindu schools across the country but also launched nayi roshani, hunar hath, nayi manzil, padho pardes and many other schemes exclusively meant for Christians and Muslims. All these schemes meant for poor have banned Hindus from benefiting.

Abdul and Ganesh both are artisans and earn their living making wooden toys in the same village. Abdul gets Rs 5000 from hunar hath scheme while Ganesh gets nothing. Abdul’s wife Salama further benefits from Nayi Roshni scheme where she managed to get a sewing machine. Ganesh’s wife however continues to do manual labour outside to earn another income. The unprecedented sucking up to minorities was frowned upon by various Hindu leaders and activists. Splitting government schemes by religion is immoral and lowers the respect for law.

But what is the problem if poor Muslims benefit ? 

A lot of people are confused as to why sectarian minority schemes are bad. But they quickly understand the issue if it presented differently. Of course the cunning idea of India cabal is pretty good at misrepresenting things. As Arun Shourie once described “Kapil Sibbal’s core competence is confusion. Inside the court, outside the court he creates confusion”. People like Sibbal have played major role in the entire minority vs majority sectarian divide in laws and schemes.

Consider this. A building is on fire. Someone calls the fire brigade. Being a public service they are supposed to come and fight the fire for free. All of us pay for their services through taxes. However the building fire is so serious that the firemen are not able to save everyone. Some people are going to die.

Of course everyone understands this and the objective is to save as many people as possible.

Fire scenario

What if there is a law that says firemen must save muslims first ? Here it is at least implied that after firemen have saved the muslims they can cater to the Hindus. But what if the law says the firemen must save only the minorities ? What if there are minority only fire brigades who will only cater to minorities only. Imagine a fireman rushes into the raging fire where a mother and child are trapped. He asks them for their religion when she says I am Hindu he says sorry I am not allowed to help you.

Would this be immoral ? One will have to have moral fortitude of a toilet brush to answer that question as No.

The minority only schemes like these are no different from the fire scenario I have described above. There are more Hindu poor people who need assistance but they are being discriminated against simply because they are Hindu though entire Hindu community is funding the schemes. In the fire scenario Hindus would simply die but in the minority-only schemes it is much slower death.

The Jizia Tax

Imagine Abdul goes to buy a sewing machine for his wife. He has to pay Rs 10000. At the same time Ganesh goes to buy the same Machine and has to pay Rs 15000. When Ganesh demands to know why he has to pay more he learns that government has imposed an additional tax on Hindus called Jizia. Ganesh wonders if Mughals are still in power in Delhi because last time he checked it was Modi.

Minority only subsidies are also majority only taxes and hence functionally equivalent to Jizia tax imposed on Hindus.

But all sucking up giving BJP the dividend it expects ? 

One would expect that by opening up the public purse for the minorities the Bishops and Mullahs would be singing praises for the BJP government and Modi. It is not happening. They are fully aware that whatever bid that Modi government sets, they can get lot more from Congress and the mere pressure will force Modi government to shell out even more.

The church mafia has issues circulars after circulars that Modi government is not doing enough and it needs to do more.



If these are any symptoms church has already got into the mode where they are sending signals to BJP that they need to do even more than all this sucking up. BJP is fast losing its core Hindu base now though lack of options will still help BJP in short run.

There is already a talk in BJP that Yogi Adityanath can be a successor to Modi in BJP. That if BJP does not perform as per expectation in 2019, the knight in shining Armour Modi would appear like a beat dog setting stage for a large scale coup to bring in Yogi.

Modi and Shah duo understand this and will make their moves to undercut Yogi in upcoming days.


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