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Bhimsen Matra for Physical Strength and Healing

Physical strength means different things to people. If you are an athlete you want peak physical strength, if you are sick you need your old strength back, if you are old then you need the strength you had few years back.

For peak physical strength for athletes, sportsman etc.

  मन्त्र:-ॐ भीमाय भीम पराक्रमाय ॐ नमो नम: 

For normal strength if you are too weak or sick.

 मन्त्र:-ॐ नमो भगवते आन्जनेयाय् महाबलाय् स्वाहा

To feel younger and better

 मन्त्र:-क्लीम कामदेवाय नम:

All mantras to be chanted as many times as possible everyday till you feel better.

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