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Hinduphobia in American Academia : Audrey Truschke

Controversial academic Audrey Truschke has got into trouble once again when she claimed that Sita called Rama a “mysogynist pig” in Ramayana. Without any evidence it is surprising that Sita would use a modern day feminist term to refer to her own husband. Also in India context Pig often refers to Boar who is Vishnu’s 3rd avatar which not exactly is an insult when Rama himself is Vishnu Avatar.



Audrey Truschke

Before we even look at the evidence we need to actually look at the meaning of the words. As it turns out the career academicians like Audrey who earn their living by doing no real productive work have got into business of redefining terms. Words like Fascist, Begot and so on have totally lost their original meaning when being used by academicians like her.

Mysogynist: a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.

The whole notion of men being prejudiced against women is a modern notion. This is not to claim that in ancient times men were not prejudiced but perhaps such prejudice was pretty much accepted as part of life. Prejudice is what economists call “incomplete information” and everyone has prejudice against everyone else. This pontification to every prejudice as some kind of evil stems from abrahamic thinking of forcing uniformity on everyone else.

Sita claiming Rama to be mysogynist is not even stupid but a mockery because Rama herself waged a huge war to gain her back at extreme personal costs when he could have just married someone else and lived a better life. Sita does acknowledge this fact.

Uncouth: lacking good manners, refinement, or grace.

This is easily be seen as false. Sita on other hand constantly praises Rama as heroic prince, great judge of character and price with strong arms and so on. She is surely claiming he is wrong in his judgement but at no point it can interpreted as “uncouth”.

Pig: The filthy animal 

Pig as a slang is as hardcore jewish/islamic concept as it can get. Varaha the Boar is actually Vishnu’s 3rd avatar and can never be used as a slang in Indian texts. Of course it does not matter because Sita uses no such term.

Bullying and Academic Dishonesty

Audrey tried to present evidence from Pollock and Goldman and actually complete misquoted the verses as pointed out by TrueIndology. Turns out that the phrases like “uncouth”, “mysogynist” and “pig” are figment of her imagination and her creative liberties.

Academic Dishonesty of Audrey Truschke
Academic Dishonesty of Audrey Truschke

Sadly incompetent Indologists like Audrey get positions in American universities and thanks to Indian government’s socialist policies Indians and specifically Hindus are not allowed to build institutions that will put forward their viewpoint.

3 thoughts on “Hinduphobia in American Academia : Audrey Truschke


    Thanks for the good article. Audrey Truschke is a “Jew”. That explains everything.

    A lot of the gullible westernized people in the Indian media do not realize is that many Indologists who are attacking Hinduism, such as Sheldon Pollock and Wendy Doniger, and Audrey Truschke, are “Jews.”

    The Jews have been at war with and made many attempt to destroy western civilization for almost 2000 years.

    Henry Ford, the first car manufacturer, wrote a book called “the International Jew—the world’s foremost problem.”

    Martin Luther wrote a book called “Jews and their lies.”

    They looted Russia and caused World War I and II, leading to 100 million white people deaths. They had Germans burnt alive in Dresden. Most of the western media is controlled by the Jews. They control Hollywood, where they use their power to spew filth.

    There are 100’s of books by famous writers attacking the Jews. Most great scholars throughout history have attacked the Jews. In the minds of many people, to this day, the word Jew is the embodiment of evil.

    Whenever you see Hinduphobia, look for the Jew behind it.

  2. All dislike of hindu comes from muslim, and has for 1400 years. All killing of hindu comes from muslim. All wars and destruction come from muslim hatred.
    There are over a billion muslims. They hate jews too. A the number of jews is miniscule

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