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Why Lingayats want separate religion ?

The following newspaper ad describes why Lingayats want a separate religion status. It eventually boils down to article 30 and 93rd amendment which gives special rights to minorities to start their educational institutions free from government babu control.

Lingayat Edu

Salient Points.

  1. Lingayat Educational Institutions can not be shut down arbitrarily by government the way government shuts down other Hindu school/colleges.
  2. Lingayat Edu institutions can have their own admission criteria instead of government forced criteria.
  3. They can give reservation to their community. (50% mentioned in ad)
  4. They can charge whatever fee they want.
  5. RTE does not apply to their schools which means their schools would be cheaper and better.

None of these benefits are available to a Hindu in this country as Indian constitutions gives these benefits to only minorities.

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