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Dear Scroll, Hindu pilgrimages should be funded by government but not Hajj.

Degenerate left-wing rag Scroll has published a piece where it argues that Hindus must pay for Islamic religious practices. The author of the article who is probably unemployable elsewhere has written a lengthy convoluted piece without even touching the subject that unlike Muslims Hindus pay thousands for crores to Government through their religious places such as Shirdi Sai Baba or Tirupati Balaji Temples where as Waqf board is completely private.

Not only India must stop subsidies it must discourage Hajj travel and instead come up with a plan to fund all Hindu pilgrimages or return the temples back to people.

It is a welcome move that Indian government has decided to stop subsidising Hajj. This pilgrimage is essentially putting Hindu taxpayer money into the hands of Saudi Arabian government for the purpose of upholding a religion that has essentially killed millions of inhabitants of our country over centuries. Asking Indian taxpayers (which are mostly Hindus) to fund Hajj is criminal. Given that Muslims are mostly backwards or rather unproductive members of society it is but natural that this trip was coming at the expense of mostly Hindus.

We would welcome a move where Hajj is replaced by some Indian monument and if Indian muslims flock to this place instead of Saudi Barbaria.

Government’s logic is horrible and unacceptable 

Sadhana108 however strongly condemns Indian government’s position that somehow moving all this subsidy to Muslim girl’s education is “secular” or even “good”. Indian taxpayer’s money belongs to everyone and must always be spend on schemes that are 100% religion neutral.

It is unacceptable that a poor rag picker Hindu girls can’t get a scholarship but a poor Muslim rag picker girl can get it just because she happens to be Muslim. This is not only religious discrimination but of the worst kind.

Why Indian government must fund all major Hindu pilgrimages

What applies to Islamic Hajj should not be applied to Hindu pilgrimages though. Given that Indian government controls only Hindu temples and sucks wealth out of them but does not touch any Islamic place of worship it is natural that Hindus should have a special right on the public funds.

Of course a better and desirable outcome is that government simply returns the temples it has stolen from Hindu people. But until that is done the government must completely fund all the major Hindu pilgrimages.

Currently there is NO subsidy for any Hindu pilgrimage from central government. On the contrary government has several regulations and fees imposed on individuals travelling to places like Amarnath and Mansarovar. Government has spent little or no money on upgrading travel mechanism to these places leave alone making it a pleasure to visit these places.

There are several state subsidies but these subsidies are even higher for Islamic and Christian pilgrimages.

Why Hajj must be heavily regulated or possibly banned 

Hajj is the annual gathering of world’s most fanatic an religious Muslims. As it is already known Islamic fanaticism is dangerous to the world and we should be very careful to expose our citizens to such a gathering. It is probably a good idea to discourage Hajj travel for people below 50 so that they do not get radicalised by exposure to other Islamic group while they are in Saudi Barbaria.

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