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Decoding BJP/RSS Apathy for CORE Hindu causes

It is a foregone conclusion that BJP and RSS will not do anything for the CORE Hindu causes. This will prove suicidal for them but that does not matter. What matters is that it will be suicidal for all Hindus. Hindu society will not miss RSS or BJP if they go down the drain but we can’t allow them to take the entire society with them.

RSS is action oriented and anti-intellectual

RSS is not designed for intellectual pursuits. The founder of the organization Dr. Hedgewar and later Shri Guruji actively discouraged swayamsevaks from reading books. They were men focused on action. In their Shakhas they often told a story. A philosopher is crossing the river with the help of a boatman. The philosopher asks boatman if he has read jalvihar-siddhant, a great philosophical treaty on shipping industry. The boatman says No. The philosopher makes fun of him for this ignorance. Later the boat sinks in the water and philosopher cries for help. The boatman taunts him saying if jalvihar-sidhanta did not teach him how to swim.

Founder Dr. Hedgewar worked as a underground revolutionary in Bengal. He borrowed their methods when building RSS but not their actions. Revolutionary organizations have few things in common. They have an induction ceremony. It is a not a book club where anyone can walk in. They have a natural distrust of outsiders. They do not rely on written communication and also refuse to communicate more than necessary not to mention transparency is something they will avoid.

There is reason why revolutionary organizations fail to build institutions based on principles and rarely bring any long lasting change. Their violent methods eventually mean they lose public interest over time and get wasted.

RSS borrowed methods of revolutionary organizations but focused on peaceful token actions. That made it an attractive organization for young rebellious individuals and yet totally peaceful in capable of achieving anything specific.

RSS as of today is more like Lions club or Rotary club which is exceptionally good at mobilizing people and yet will not be able to take a coherent stand on any issue because they have never invested time and energy in building a core philosophy.

Good foot soldiers and moronic top leadership

Look at any local shakha pramukh. You will realize that these are very good people. People with impeccable character who are loved by all. These are the people with their ears to the ground. They know issues. Same goes for even ordinary supporters of RSS and Parivar. These are the people who figured out Love Jihad gangs. These are the people who know where the conversions are happening with greater zeal. These are the people who can see Hindu education sector dying quickly. But these people lack the big picture. These people are not involved in discussing policy. That picture is only visible to the top guys.

The intellectual capacity of RSS leaders goes down as you go up the hierarchy. One need not look beyond Shri Bhagvat. Mr. Bhagvat keeps saying that “Everyone in India is a Hindu. All the muslims who live in India are Hindus too”.

A 5 year old can see the incoherence in this idiotic statement. If everyone in India is a Hindu why some of those Hindus complain if other Hindus (chrisians) promote their own god and engage in conversions ? What is the harm in Hindu girls marrying Muslim boys because according to Bhagvat those muslims are Hindus too ?

What about the rich NRI crowd that supports RSS financially ? Are they non-Hindus because they do not live in India ?

The missing layer

Hindu society must be thankful for individuals like Arun Shourie, Sitaram Goel, Ram Swarup, Koenraad Elst and others who as individuals provided the much needed intellectual grounding. The alt-right today relies on these giants to formulate positions on issues of Hindu importance.

Not only RSS miserably failed to create intellectuals of this nature they actively refused to provide space to individuals who showed promise. RSS’s think festivals are often weasel festivals where RSS leaders crave of praise from opposition. Their top leaders like Ram Madhav or Prakash Jawadekar can not speak 5 sentences that make sense.

Prakash Jawadekar celebrates diaspora when his MHRD is the reason why thousands leave the country in first place.

Prakash Jawadekar has proved to be incompetent
Prakash Jawadekar has proved to be incompetent

It is foolish to expect a leader like Prakash Jawadekar to repeal RTE when he is busy gaining praise from opposition by implementing their schemes. While Congress and their media puppies are busy targeting Modi at every opportunity they throw praises on incompetent people like Prakash Jawadekar.


What to fool a RSS or BJP person ? Praise them for how awesome they are. This trick works all the time because RSS/BJP people are used to giving lectures in their own boudhik varg where they are praised not matter how much rubbish they talk. They barely engage at outsiders by figuring out their game.

These are the people who will run away from a good fight, go to a dark corner and shout victory. Relying on them is going to be suicidal for India and Hindus.


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