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Prakash Jawadekar’s incompetence is killing Hindu schools

Prakash Jawadekar is one of the most incompetent minister’s in Modi cabinet. It is hard to believe why someone as docile and as clueless as him be put in charge of the most important portfolio. Nearly 2 years in charge and the man has absolutely nothing to show for except his incompetence and surrender.

“Minority education, they thought that it will be taken off. Let me clarify, we don’t want to tinker with the constitutional provision on education. Let me be very clear and emphatic,” said Prakash Javadekar.

Prakash Jawadekar has killed any hopes that RTE and 93rd amendment will be repealed. As long as both this items exist in legal parlance there is simply no hope for Hindu schools as they will continue to die. No Hindu entrepreneur will have any incentive to invest money in education and philanthropist will seek to start a school.

In Maharashtra alone over 10 thousand schools have been shut down and education minister Vinod Tawade has been cluelessly implementing RTE harder and harder.

It is as if sucking up to Prime minister is the only qualification one needs to have to become a cabinet minister and just a smile for camera is the only work one has to do to keep that chair warm.

Both Mr. Jawadekar and Mr. Modi will have to answer for this in future when a core Hindu team takes over the shackles of power.

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