Nilavanti : The book of Mysteries

Several years ago a young girl named Neela came in contact with a very learned sage called Haibati baba. The girl’s innocence made Haibati baba teach her various things among which was the art of understanding language of animal world including birds.

The girl grew up to a wonderful housewife who wrote this book down in Marathi in the form of poetry. Pretty much like Bahinaabai.

The book obviously is rare and many people spread rumours about it claiming it banned and people go mad after reading it. The mystery around the book made many crooks publish fake material and sell it as authentic Nilavanti book. The book in fact is nothing to be scared of or has not ill effects on anyone.

Many people forget that a a mantra is just normal sound and unless it is “siddha” mantra it can not impact anything. Thus a child reading some mantra will not affect anything. For mantras to be useful one needs to invest time in learning it and chanting it thousands of times under the guidance of a Guru. Only then the Mantra is able to attract the divine powers to bend the forces of nature. It is not a fast food where you could just read some letters and expect the unexpected.

More details of nilavanti and possible even a downloadable file might be available here:

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34 Responses

  1. Manohar says:

    I want militants book so plz give me

  2. Dinesh says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am Dinesh Bandagar.I like to read murutunjya the book of depends upon karna. So please let me know wether the book is available or not. I am waiting for your positive reply.

    • Annappa says:

      Why you’re interested in reading this book it makes you nervous or tell me your UNSOLVED issues I will attend your issues

  3. Manohar says:

    I want nilavanti book

  4. Mayuri says:

    Respected sir/mam nilavanti novel badal tumchakde je kahi uplabdh aahe te plz mla pathva. Mi tumchi aabhari rahil.

  5. prachi chhagan patil says:

    repected mdm,
    ya granthabddal je kahi material uplbdh assel te plz share me on

  6. shriram says:

    hame neelavathi mantra book chahei thai

  7. Ashish Gaikwad says:

    Respected Sir/madam
    I want to read this book if you have pdf files,articles about it please send

  8. SUBHASH Patil says:

    Plz I want निळावंती book

  9. SUBHASH Patil says:

    Plz I want निळावंती book my number 9158939806

  10. Naresh says:

    I want nilawanti granth please send me
    My e-mail address

  11. Alisha says:

    Mala he book mail karana please please

  12. Nitin Shirsekar says:

    Mala nilavanti book pahije aahe,please send kara

  13. Tushar Tambe says:

    If you have pdf of this book ,send me

  14. Jayshri patil says:

    Nilavanti granth raed karaychi far ichh aahe .mala jar mail kelat tar khup abhar hotil…

  15. Rajesh says:

    I want nelawanti book PDF

  16. BABASO KADAM says:

    निलावंती ग्रंथ उपलब्ध असेल तर कृपया मला email करा

  17. Dinesh Kulthe says:

    Plz send me nilawanti pdf file. I m so interesting any this book.

  18. Latesh Parab says:

    Plz send me nilawanti pdf file. I m so interesting any this book.

    • Shubhra lokhandr says:

      Mala adha vyakti shi personally bhetun bolayach aahe jyana hya grantha baddal thodishi deep mahiti asel. Granth nahi milala tary chalel

  19. Pankajkumar Shinde says:

    please send me book pdf on

  20. Arun ch das says:

    Want nilvanti granth original

  21. MalA nilavatee phahijen

  22. shivaji says:

    I want book

  23. Pandhari patil says:

    Mala pathva saheb

  24. Please pdf file sand mi nilvanti.

  25. Santosh Garde says:

    Please pdf file sand mi nilvanti. Marathi language

  26. Satappa says:

    मला त्या 25 पाने वाचण्यासाठी हव्या आहेत मला ईमेल करा

  27. Pravin Patil says:

    I want Nilavanti. To granth mala pahije juyat tichi purn Katha ahe. 8956993194

  28. Raj Varpe says:

    Sent a nilawanti granth

  29. Raju Varpe says:

    Nilawant granth sent me

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