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Pejawar Swamiji demands constitutional amendment to seek parity in laws for Hindus

While most pretentious Hindu leaders have closed their eyes to the damage RTE and 93rd amendment is doing to India, one sage has shown that he understands the CORE issues.

Addressing mediapersons here, Sri Vishweshateertha Swamiji said, “No one will be done injustice by reservations, so there is nothing to object. It is disappointing that some people have misunderstood my statement and are protesting. I have already said that I am not against reservations for Dalits. I am in favour of religious minorities getting facilities that religious majorities do. But Dalits are excluded from religious minority category. Only Christians and Muslims are included in this category. I also never said that facilities should be stopped for religious majorities. All facilities should be provided equally to all.

“Equal treatment to all religious groups will help Dalit-run education institutions in getting the benefits they need. Through this, Hindu maths and temples will become independent authorities like churches and mosques. Society should not be divided in the name of religion,” he said.

“For that reason (giving minority status to Dalits), Constitution amendment is required. Many amendments have been made earlier in the Constitution. So if I suggest it, how can it be against the Constitution? How is it an insult to Dr Ambedkar? The Constitution was not drafted by Ambedkar alone. Alladi Krishnaswamy, K M Munshi, Benegal and others were also members of the Constitution drafting committee. Ambedkar was the chairman of that committee. The Indian Constitution was approved by more than 500 national representatives presided over by Dr Rajendra Prasad. If anyone insults the Constitution, it is equal to insulting the nation. I will not do such things. I wish to treat everyone equally in society without any discrimination. That is why I put forward this proposal,” he explained.

Currently Indian constitution puts additional restrictions such as RTE on Hindu run schools which includes schools run by SC/ST/OBC and Dalits. This has resulted into closing down of thousands of schools. 10 thousand schools have been shut down in Maharashtra alone in last 5 years.

It remains to be seen if BJP supports Swamiji or takes side with people like Tharoor on this matter. BJP’s continuous failure to address the issues and perceived incompetence of Shri Prakash Jawadekar has made BJP’s core votebank extremely uneasy. Position by Seers like Pejawar Swamiji would only add to the problems BJP is facing.

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