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11-Year-old Girl Punished in School for Wearing ‘Tilak’ on Her Birthday

This is the price we are paying for government’s inaction on RTE and 93rd amendment. While christian schools have a free run Hindu schools are being shut down.

The girl was allegedly ordered to stand outside principal Sally Joseph’s room on Tuesday and her mother was summoned. The principal allegedly berated the child for wearing a “tilak” on her forehead and hairpins to school. Ms Joseph allegedly refused to listen to the mother’s explanation that the child had gone to a temple for her birthday and that is why a holy mark was smeared on her forehead.

The headmistress did not listen to my wife and daughter and tried to issue a transfer certificate to my daughter,” the father said in his letter to the rights body. He alleged that the principal said, “She must remember this on every birthday.” [NDTV Report]

Christianity is hostile to Hindu practices and things like Tilak or Mehndi are treated as symbols of Satan by christian religion.

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