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Matangi Mata Temple

Matangi Mata Temple

Matangi Mata Temple is located in Modhera a small village in nearest mehsana city-The devil by the name of Karnat was erecting havoc in the area of Dharmaranya. The people of the area were fed-up because of Karnat terrorism, particularly. The Brahmin as he used to harass them in their praying. All the Brahmins got together and went to goddess Shri Mata for help and protection from the devil. After listening to problems of Brahmin the goddess got very very angry. She started throwing out fire from her mouth due to her anger from the fire a powerful goddess by name of Matangi (Modheswari) was created by Shree Mata.

Matangi had eighteen arms each having a weapon like trident, Kamandal, Shell, club, Pash, dagger etc. Goddess Matangi killed devil Karnat (In another version Shyamala sister of Matangi killed Karnat) It was mahadev trij the day Karnat was killed. Brahmins of Modhera celebrated that day with a feast and accepted modheswari as their Kuldevi. Every year on the thirteen day of Maha Month Modh Brahmins celebrate as Kuldevi’s day at the Matangi Mata Temple.

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