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Vijayraghav Mandir, Ayodhya

Vijayraghav Mandir

Vijay Raghav Mandir is the best temple in Ayodhya. In this temple Lord Ram is presented in 12 forms called Vishva virat. This temple was made by red marbles and stainless steel.

This temple, situated on the road going to Vibhishan Kund. It was constructed in 1915 AD. The temple holds an important place among the temples belonging to the Tingal branch of Achari Sect.

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  1. vijay Raghav Mandir, Ayodhya belong to Tenkalai sect of Srivaishnava Acharya tradition(Vishistadwaita sect) and not Tenkali tradition of Achari sect. Please correct this in the text.

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