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Satpuda Manudevi Temple

Satpuda Manudevi Temple

Satpuda Manudevi Temple is located near Adgaon village in Yawal Taluka in the scenic natural surroundings of the Satpura Range. Manudevi is the kuldevi of 70% of the people in the Jalgaon district.

The front of the Satpuda Manudevi Temple features a waterfall and is surrounded by hills on three sides and makes a popular picnic spot. School children and college students are frequent visitors.

The temple also features a man made lake nearby. Manudevi temple is also located in the hills near Bormaal, tal Banoti, Aurangabad, deep in the jungle.

Manudevi is worshipped by most of Khandeshi and nearby people. The Goddess is believed to be Kuldevata of many families including the Baviskar Family. Baviskar has recently reconstructed the temple, a destination for pilgrims and tourists.

Villagers celebrate the festival of Navratri at Bormaal and also arrange small fairs with devotees visiting temples for nine days.




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