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Kukdeshwar Temple

Kukdeshwar Temple

Kukdeshwar Temple is located in Pune District of Maharashtra, India. It is about 15 km west of Junnar and lies on the banks of Kukdi River. It is a Shiv temple noted for its beautiful sculptures and carvings. The roof of this temple is in a dilapidated state. Chavand fort, also known as Prasannagad, is approximately 3 km from Kukdeshwar temple. Nearest Town is Junnar.

Kukdeshwar Temple is about approximately 1100 years old and the original idol of Lord Parshwavnatha in the temple could not endure with the passage of time and got destroyed in between this long period.As per a legend, in the depth of a grand future, a Brahmin saw Parshwavnatha as the architect of eternal happiness and the future Tirthankara. Thus, he in the memory of his last two lives installed a splendid idol of Lord Parshwavnatha.Regular morning and evening prayers are conducted in the temple. Apart from those, every year on the tenth day of the Bhadrapada month’s bright half, a fair is held in this temple.



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