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In Hinduism, Shakambari is an incarnation of Goddess Durga, consort to Shiva. She is the divine mother, called “The Bearer of the Greens.” In Hinduism any Vegetarian Item is considered as the Prasad of Shakambari Devi. It is said that in times of famine, the Goddess Durga comes down and gives vegan food to the hungry.
The word śākaṃbharī means ‘she who bears vegetables’. The word is derived from two words- śāka (Sanskrit: शाक) which means ‘vegetable/vegan food’ and bharī (Sanskrit: भरी) which means ‘holder/bearer/wearer’ which is ultimately derived from the root word bhṛ (Sanskrit: भृ) which means ‘to bear/to wear/to nourish’.

The ancient temple of the goddess Shakambari is situated at Sakarai about 15 km from Udaipur Wati, which is about 29 km from Sikar(Rajasthan). There is also one same sakambhari mata temple at Pakaur (Jharkhand)as same in sakarai Rajasthan 150 km from Kolkatta Two JAGRAN Night one in chaitra saptami night and one in durga puja saptami night every year, Also there are three temples of Mata Shakambari in Kolkata. Since tears rolled out from the eyes of the goddess continuously for 9 days and nights the biggest worship practice is the celebration of Navratra Mahotasav, held in the months of Chaitra and Aasoj for nine days each. Two more Navratras are also celebrated but they are known as “Gupt Navratras.”

Every year in Vijayawada Durga Temple they celebrate Shakambari Utsavs for three days. On these days the goddess is decorated with vegetables and fruits.

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