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Vighnaraja is Ganesha’s most popular incarnation, known as The Remover of Obstacles. Riding his vehicle Sheshnag, he strode into battle with Mamtasur, and overcame him. One day when Parvati Devi was relaxing in the company of Her friends. She burst out in laughter in a playful mood, and out of Her laughter was born a handsome male form. She asked him who he was and what he wanted. He said that he was born from Her laughter and asked Her as to how he could serve Her.

She named him Mama and then instructed him to remember Lord Ganesha always, who would fulfill all his desires. Mama retired to the forests to meditate on Lord Ganesha. On the way, he met Sambara Asura, who managed to allure him into the Asuric cult and initiated him into the demonic methods of worship. In due course he became the ruler of alt the three worlds. The Devas who were exiled from their worlds propitiated Lord Ganesha, Who incarnated as Vighnaraja, subdued Mamasura and established righteousness and peace.

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