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The third incarnation was of Mahodara who vanquished Mohasura, the demon of Delusion and Confusion. Once Shiva was sunk in meditation for ages and showing no signs of coming out of it. Parvati therefore assumed an alluring form and wandered round his meditating spot. Shiva was brought back to normal wakeful consciousness by this act and she abandoned the alluring ‘cover’.

This abandoned energy form became a demon and Ganesha subdued it. Mohasur worshipped the Sun God and conquered all the three worlds. All the Gods and the Sages started worshiping him. Ganesha was pleased and granted them with a boon, saying that he would slay Mohasur himself. When Shukracharya heard this, he told Mohasur to surrender in front of Mahodara.

When Lord Mahodara arrived, Mohasur greeted and welcomed him . He sang his praises and asked for forgiveness for his evil sins. Listening to this he was pleased and commanded him to go back to Pataal lok and never return again

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