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When Lord Shiva agreed to marry Parvati she came back to her house. At the same time Devtas were worried that if Himalaya got his daughter married to Lord Shiva then he would also reach Godly status. They shared their concern with Lord Shiva. He got dressed up as a Sunatnartak and went to Himalaya’s court. There he danced to his heart’s content and pleased all the people around him.

After his performance was finished Himalaya asked him what he wanted as a prize. Lord Shiva promptly asked him for his daughters hand in marriage. Himalaya got very angry and he and his wife abused Shiva and sent him back. Before leaving Lord Shiva revealed his truth to Parvati. When he was gone she told her parents about his truth. They felt sorry and apologised but since they had abused Lord Shiva they had fallen in the good books of other gods.

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