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Ravan and his story


We all know the name of Ravan. You may also be aware that Ravan was a very learned man and he had pleased Lord Shiva and gained a lot of boons from him. So is this all Ravan’s truth or is there something else too. Let us have a look at some other aspects of Ravan’s life that you are no aware of.

Birth– Ravan’s father was renowned sage Vishrsheva the son of sage Pulasatya. This was the time when demons like Somali and Malywan had hidden in the earth due to fear of god. One day Somali saw the grandeur of Vishrsheva’s son Somali. He sent his daughter Kekasi to offer herself to the sage.

The sage said that he knew why she was here however the time was not appropriate hence all her children will be demons. Kekasi asked him for some grace and so he promised that one of the sons will be of gentle nature. After some time Kekasi gave birth to Ravan who had 10 heads and hence he was named Dasgreev. After that were born Kumbhkaran, Vibhishan and Shuparnekha

Prayers to Brahma– Vishresheva had taught all his sons about religion and spirituality. So much that there was a time when there was no one as learned as Dasgreev. But then both he and Kumbhkaran became arrogant and start troubling people around them. One day Kuber came to visit Vishresheva. Kekasi wanted her sons to also be so rich. She asked them to do pray to Brahma and gain some blessings. Since Vibhishan was already very pious he prayed to Lord Vishnu.


Owning Lanka– Dasgreev did the toughest penance. After every 1000 years of penance he would cut and offer one head to lord Shiva. After 10000 years when he had cut all his 10 heads Shiva asked him what he wants. Dasgreev said that he should not be killed by gods, demons, Gandharva and kinnars. Since he thought humans were worthless he did not mention them. After the boon Ravan became strong and all the demons also came out of the earth. Dasgreev snatched Lanka and pushpak viman from Kuber and started ruling them as his own.

Winning over death– With this arrogance Dasgreev decided to fight Yamraaj. Moreover by now he had won over almost all Devas. When he started the fight Yam became very angry. He was about to kill Dasgreev when Lord Brahma intervened. Yamraaj was told that Dasgreev can only die at the hands of a human. So Yamraaj let him go and Dasgreev started thinking that he had won over death.

Ravan’s name-One day Ravan went to meet Lord Shiva. Because Shiva was meditating hence Nandi refused to let him in. In arrogance Ravan lifted the mountain on which Shiva was sitting. This made Shiva very angry and he pressed his foot on the mountain so that Raavan’s arms got stuck inside. This made Dasgreev cry out in pain. His screams troubled others. To apologise he meditated to Lord Shiva for 1000 years. In return Shiva gave him the Chandrhaas khadag and said your screams made the world unhappy and hence you will be called Ravan from now. Ravan means crying in Sanskrit.


Women cause of ruin– Ravan was ruined due to two women – Seeta and Suparnakha. There is a story behind it. One day he was roaming around in a jungle when he saw a beautiful sanyasin called Vedvati. Ravan got attracted to her and started pulling her hair to bring her closer. This made her very angry and she cursed him that he would be ruined because of women.

Did not touch Sita-Ravan was very strong but still he never touched Sita. Actually he was cursed. Once he was going by the sky route when he saw a beautiful Apsara. She was actually the lover of Nalkuber. Despite her resistance Ravan forced himself on her. When Nal kuber came to know that he cursed Ravan that if he forces himself on any woman his head would break into 7 pieces.



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