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Some secrets of Lord Krishna

secrets of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna as we all know him was a politician, spiritualist, and warrior. He was responsible for starting a new kind of religion culture in India. He was also responsible for the reorganization of religion, politics, society and everyday rules. Apart from these, there are other secrets of Lord Krishna which we are not aware of. Let us have a look at them.

Skin tone– Everybody presumes that Krishna’s skin was either black or a combination of black and blue. In fact, many people say that his skin tone was similar to the color the sky has when the sun is setting. However, none of these myths are true. The color of his skin was a distinct combination of black, blue and white. Such a combination is also known as megh Shyamal color in Hindi.

The smell of his body– According to stories, Krishna emanated a strange fragrance which attracted people towards him. That smell was so strong that he had to hide it during his secret expeditions. Draupadi was also blessed with this quality. During her exile it would have been difficult to hide her smell hence she took up the job of managing perfumes. Krishna’s smell was similar to gopikachandan and Raatrani flowers.

Qualities of his body- Krishna had a very soft body just like girls. However, when he was at war his body would become strong. As per stories, this was because Krishna knew and practiced yoga and Kalarippayattu. Hence he could convert his body to whichever way he wanted it to be.

secrets of Lord Krishna

Always young- He was born in Mathura, however, spent his childhood in Gokul, Vrindavan, Nandgaon and Barsana. Eventually, he settled down in Dwarka but passed away in Prabhas area near Somnath. This is a secret of Krishna that when he passed away neither his hair were white nor did his body show any signs of aging. That means at 119 years also he was as young as in his adult age.

Martial arts introduced by him– One of the not so known secrets of Lord Krishna were that he had discovered martial arts. Earlier it was called kalarippayattu .It was with this art form that he managed to kill Chanoor and Mushtik demons when he was only 16 years. It is said that Lord Krishna had discovered Martial arts in the forests of Brij. His Narayani Sena knew all these skills and hence was the most dangerous army of that time.

Sudarshan Chakra – Though Krishna had many weapons but his prestige increased manifold when he received the Sudarshan chakra. He was given the Sudarshan chakra by Parshuram himself. Krishna and Arjuna also knew how to operate the Pashupatshastra.

secrets of Lord Krishna

 His skills-Krishna was known to be adept in 64 skills. One of the unknown secrets of Lord Krishna was that he was a great archer and wrestler too. His bow was named Sarang and his sword was called Nandak. His chariot was called Jaitr while another was named Garuddhwaj.

Krishna’s wives and lovers – Krishna is always said to have 16000 wives but the truth is different. He had only 8 wives. The 16000 women Krishna married were actually kidnapped by a demon Narakasur. Once Krishna killed the demon these girls could not have gone back hence they requested Krishna to marry them which he accepted. Apart from that Krishna’s lovers include Radha, Lalita, Chitra, Sudevi, Vishakha etc. It is said that Lalita could not get Lord Krishna in this birth hence she was reborn as Meera.

Krishna’s heart– Jagannath puri in Orissa is a famous pilgrimage point of Lord Krishna. It is said that within the idol the heart of Krishna stays. According to stories When Krishna passed away the Pandavas burnt his body. However, his heart kept on burning and so they submerged it into the water and it promptly turned into a wooden log.

secrets of Lord Krishna

The Lord Jagannath Idol  was made and this log was placed inside it. However, there is no solid proof to support this argument.


So these were some of the secrets of Lord Krishna. Hope you liked them and now you also have an idea of the enigmatic personality he was.

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