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Woman ascetics of Hinduism

We have Twitter user @TrueIndology to thank for these images and information.

The great kashmiri Hindu poetess Lal Ded(c.1350) danced naked as she composed her vaaks. She’s revered even today

She explained in her vaak that she chose to look within rather than without , wasn’t concerned with external drapes

Another Hindu Shaivite poetess who went about naked was the great Akka Mahadevi(c.1150).Her statues exist even today

“Why do you blush? The Lord Shiva knows and sees everything“-Akka Mahadevi (PHOTO ABOVE)

Persian chronicles are witness to how ” naked saint “Mai Bhago sent numerous Jihadis to their Jannat with her sword in the battle of muktsar. At Mukhtsar, Mai Bhago not only sucessfully persuaded 40 deserters to come back, but also routed a 300 strong Mughal Jihadi contingent

Until 1870, there existed in Ujjain and Benares many groups of female ascetics who were naked and smeared themselves with ashes


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