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Famous Ram temples in India

Raghunath temple Jammu

Lord Ram does not need any introduction in India. A Vishnu avatar, Shri Ram is loved by people of all strata. People still give examples of his strong personality and want to emulate his habits. Even though there are many Lord Ram temples in India we are going to mention here the top 10.

1) Ram Janmbhoomi- Because Ram was born in Ayodhya this place finds a special mention. As per research Lord Ram was born in 5114 BC. Ayodhya is based on the banks of the river Sarayu.  During medieval period Babur destroyed the temple and constructed a mosque. Now there is a dispute over whether a temple or mosque is the rightful heir to this place.

2) Raghunath temple – Located in Jammu the Ragunath temple is a fine example of craftsmanship. In 1835 Maharaja Gulab Singh started the construction of this temple but it was completed only during the reigns of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.  There are many small temples nearby which are related to the Ramayana era.


3) Tripayar Shri Ram Mandir

Located in Kerala this temple has many legends associated with it. The idol of this temple was found floating in the water by the head of the village. Since the idol has the essence of Shiv, Vishnu and Brahma that is why it is prayed to as the Trimurti. You also get to see a lot of Ramayana era paintings in this temple.

4)Shri Sitaramchandraswami Mandir Bhadrachalam

The Bhadrachalam temple is located in Khamman district of Andhra Pradesh. When Lord Ram was going to Lanka to rescue Sita he rested for some time here. In the medieval era one of his devotees removed the bamboo temple and constructed a new Ram temple here.

5)Shri Tirunarayan Swami Mandir Melkot Karnataka

Melkot is located at the banks of river Kaveri. This place is also known as Tirunarayanpuram.There is a small mountain here known as Yadugiri. There are two temples on that  mountain. First is the Narsingh temple which is in the beginning itself. Then lies the Cheluva Narayan temple which is almost on the top of the mountain.

6)Hariharnath Temple Sonpur

Even though this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu it is said that Lord Ram himself got this temple constructed during the Treta Yug. This was when he was going for Sita’s swayamwar. This temple is located on the borders of Saran and Vaishali districts.

7)Thiruvgand Shriramswami Temple Thalesseri Kerala

There is a fort in Thalasseri made by the Britishers. There is a very famous Ram Temple near this fort. It is believed that the temple was constructed 2000 years back . Prior to that Parshuram had constructed a Lord Vishnu temple here.


When Ram left Ayodhya he reached Prayag. After crossing Yamuna River he reached Chitrakoot. There he stayed for many days in Anusuya Ashram.The Ram temples built here bring his entire stay here alive. Raamghat, Janki Kund , Hanumandhara, Gupt Godavri are the famous places to see here.

9) Ramvan in Madhypradesh

Ram then reached Satna in Madhypradesh where we find the Ramvan. He visited many sages Ashrams during the 10 years of his stay here. He then went to Jabalpur where you find a mountain named Ramgarh. There is a waterfall there which drops from a height of 30 feet and falls into Sita Kund.

8) Panchwati

After moving around the various ashrams finally Ram crossed rivers to reach Nasik. Here he stayed at Agastya muni Ashram. There are 5 trees here which is why this place is called Panchwati. It is said that Ram, Lakshman and Sita planted these 5 trees here. Having one of the most famous Ram temples it is this place where Sita was abducted by Ravan. There is also a specific place where Marichi had died.




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